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Light Design

If you need custom-made lighting - we invite you. Design is a process that guides human activity from the baseline (problem to solution - need to be satisfied) to the final state, i.e. the desired result. For this reason, knowing what result we want to achieve, we design everything ourselves. For each of our lighting projects, we make a LED lighting...

Technical support offers professional help in choosing the right solutions for most applications in the field of LED lighting. Our team of engineers, electronics and designers will design the right LED solution and if required by the application, dedicated controllers. We offer comprehensive services: design, production, assembly, technical support In our many years of experience, we have designed and produced lighting for manufacturers:

- Indoor and outdoor lighting and garden lighting

- Industrial lighting

- Bathtubs and shower cubicles

- Illumination of objects

- Billboards and advertising lamps

- Lamp supporting plant growth

- Street lamps

- Kitchen and bathroom furniture