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The first intelligent LED module by FREI is ideal for edge lighting of BACKLIGHT boards. Its most important functions are: - SMART Control Of Temperature - our module has a specialized temperature measurement system that regulates the current flow in the circuit, thanks to which the module works even at very high ambient temperatures. - 10x70 degree...

LED lighting systems for advertising have effectively replaced neon and later forms of outdoor advertising. Illuminated LED signboards, signs, and billboards are visible from a distance both during the day and at night, and above all, they provide significantly greater possibilities for displaying images and content. With such lighting, companies can effectively promote their brands and products.

LED light-emitting diodes are perfect for illuminating signs, billboards, and large-format advertisements. Our LED projectors or linear sets provide the same amount of light as traditional bulbs, while consuming less energy and being more durable and weather-resistant. These systems are also easy to install and provide more options for manipulating light.


We design and create advertising lighting that not only improves visibility but also increases the attractiveness of the content. We install light sources as backgrounds for signs, emphasizing the style and artistry of their execution. In other situations, we use front-facing lighting, also known as frontlight. We adjust the composition to simultaneously improve the illumination of buildings.

We also create lighting for store displays. The use of professional backlighting allows for the desired effect to be achieved. Only light that is tailored to the advertisement gives the perfect reproduction of colors and evenly backlights the surface.

We invite you to take a look at our equipment offerings, such as LED modules for advertising. We encourage you to contact our specialists. We will be happy to provide information on designing and creating eye-catching LED lighting for advertising.