Track Light LED 40W MEAT FREI.Light
  • Track Light LED 40W MEAT FREI.Light

Track Light LED 40W MEAT

Special FREI.Food Light lighting intended for lighting meat products and cold cuts effectively emphasize the color of the displayed products. The projector's rotation capability allows directing the beam of light directly to the counter display eliminating the glare of customers and staff. The light used in the projector is characterized by cold color and professional phosphors dedicated to meats.

Correlated Colour Temperature [CCT]
Colour Rendering Index CRI [RA]
Power type
Beam angle

Data sheet

Types of Diodes
Bridgelux COB
Power [W]
CRI [Ra]
min. 82
Lifespan [h]
40 000h
Voltage [V]
220-240VAC 50/60Hz
60 months
Dimensions (d * h * l)
90mm * 156mm * 190mm

Specific References

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Track Light LED 40W MEAT

Track Light LED 40W MEAT

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