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You focus on the appearance of your cakes and pastries, carefully select ingredients, take care of the brand and quality of products. We will show you all your love and passion in the best light. FREI confectionery lighting will make your products look even more beautiful and delicious. This light attracts customers and makes them buy more willingly and more.

Focus on what you are best at, we will take care of the light.

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For several years, there has been a trend in Poland and around the world to feed prudently, healthily and safely. More and more people pay attention to what they eat, when and how much. Bakeries tempt their customers with a multitude of types of bread. In addition to daily bread, today's customers receive wholemeal bread, with varied cereals, grains and even vegetables or fruit. Bakers are outdoing each other in ideas how to attract customers and get interested in their offer. A very important element in addition to the quality of baked goods and a rich selection of products is the way in which the goods will be displayed. On the market you can find modern counters and racks dedicated to the display of bread, but in addition to the luminaire, the most important factor determining the choice of the product is its taste and appearance. While the masters of bakery art are responsible for the look, more and more frequently the specialist companies dealing in the creation of a light fixture dedicated only to the baking industry are more and more responsible. The light in showcases with bread should display its qualities, freshness, crunchiness and perfect color. It is warm lighting, with a high red light factor, which makes the products more appetizing, and the client in such surroundings feels more relaxed and calm which in turn directly translates into his shopping decisions.

Practice shows that store owners more and more often realize how important interior design is, pay attention to the smell that prevails in it, and even the music that makes the time spent in a shop or bakery often forgetting about the importance of visual stimulus, which can provide our clients with exciting experiences. And thanks to this last sense, the majority of purchasing decisions are made. Due to the diverse range of the store, we should not allow the use of the same lighting for different product groups. In fact, light that enhances the visual value of meat or cold cuts may lower the value of bread and bakery products. Both the temperature and the intensity of lighting can be equally conducive to increasing sales and lower it if we use randomness in the choice of light arrangement. Bakeries and bakery departments are the most demanding objects when it comes to the use of light in sales. They need a well-designed luminaire design, but above all, a proper color temperature, light intensity and what we often forget about the appropriate lighting temperature. Many years of experience in the design and production of dedicated lighting for the food industry and, above all, for bakery has allowed us to create a refined product dedicated to bakery trays, shelves and baskets with bread. In addition to the perfectly matched color temperature in the lamps, the highest quality components were used, which makes the modules have a long life. Diversification of the design of lamps and the method of fixing allows you to design the lighting arrangement of the entire store using the same chromaticity is important because we do not even expose ourselves to slight differences in light when using different furniture or exhibition concepts.

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